Saturday, 5 January 2013

Brooke Garwood Malik – A trend setter in men's fashion industry!

The brilliant fashionista, Brooke Garwood Malik has been a pioneer in bringing about a major change in men’s clothing.

The mostly male dominated industry has now become open minded, and many female fashion stylists have stepped-in as fresh talent in the world of men's fashion. It is not so easy for all female stylists to stand out among others, as it requires skills, confidence and a lot of patience.

But, Brooke has set her name as a true example of hard work to those who are thinking about joining this competitive industry.

Although, Brooke completed her studies in marketing, logistics, and advertising from Central Michigan University, but she could not hold out her passion for styling clothes and jumped into the glamorous world of fashion.

It is not easy to achieve success, but it’s even more difficult to maintain it. Brooke Garwood Malik knows very well how to maintain what she has achieved. This can be seen in how easily she has been controlling the fashion trends for men for such a long time.

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