Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Brooke Garwood Malik is a clothier par excellence

Ms. Brooke Garwood Malik is a clothing stylist for men. She is in the industry for a long time and knows all the novel trends of the current styling needs for men these days. Ms. Malik is a person you can trust for power dressing. She has been the style guru for many powerful clients including businessmen, celebrities and politicians.

Ms. Brooke Garwood Malik graduated from the Central Michigan University and ever since has been working in this endeavor for creating, comfortable, stylish and affordable high end clothing for men. On a personal level, she is a raw food activist, and believes in keeping fit and healthy.

She is also a yoga and Pilates enthusiast and works out every day to maintain glowing skin and a good figure. She has a heart of gold and works with a number of charitable institutions working for the betterment of people in need.

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