Monday, 24 September 2012

Brooke Garwood Malik – The Most Desired Fashionista in the world of Men’s Fashion Industry

The entertainment and fashion industry is full of competition, as there are a number of stylists and fashion designers that are especially hired to help movie stars and celebrities to dress up for any particular occasion. Be it a press conference, a film-promotion event, a premiere or even for corporate dressing.

A stylist is the one who helps an individual, to groom in the most astounding way as per the needs and requirements, considering the occasion and purposes. For a long time Brooke Garwood Malik has been one of the most prominent and well-reputed stylist in the men’s fashion industry. Known as a custom clothier and stylist for men, Ms. Malik has been working for many famous celebrities, eminent personalities, people of high stature, sports stars as well as professional dignitaries.

Her expertise and exclusivity of work, has brought a lot of popularity and appreciation for her efforts and skills. She is known for including different elements with a variety of innovations, to create the perfect look and style in a most appealing and unique way.

It would be synonymously true, if we address Ms. Brooke Garwood Malikas the most desired fashionista and a highly popular stylist in Michigan, Birmingham and Manhattan. On the personal level, she lives a peaceful life with her supportive family. She does Yoga and Pilates to stay fit and active, which keeps her going through her hectic schedule.

Ms. Malik has a soft heart, and is inclined towards doing social service for people in need. She is an active participant in a number of charity organizations, and contributes her bit towards the well-being of human kind.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Brooke Garwood Malik - The Styling Guru and Her Fashion Mantra

While some people work hard to learn and adopt new skills, others are born with them. Such is the case with Brooke Garwood Malik, arenowned name in the world of men’s fashion. She always had a unique taste for fashion and style. No matter what the occasion, she always managed to look different, yet suitable. Her unique styling was always admired by the people around her.

Although she pursued her studies in marketing and advertising from the Central Michigan University she could not resist her passion for styling and fashion, so she jumped in to the glamorous world of fashion. Probably, this is what they call destiny. Right from the beginning she was different, and that was the unique selling point of her services.

Initially, people hired her services for many simple occasions, and in no time, when her name became popular, famous athletes, and other celebrities approached her for styling. Her approach of different, yet relevant styling is liked by one and all.

Her personality is the amalgamation of knowledge and style, which is altogether an intelligent combo. Because of this, she creates designs that are innovative, simultaneously ensuring the high quality clothing. Even her color selection is just perfect. No matter what the occasion, she will have the right set of clothes for you. Probably, this is why she is called a fashion diva!

She has been controlling men’s fashion trends for a long time now, coming up with new and pioneering style statements. Today, it is her popularity & perfection that has her as one of the most brilliant custom designers and stylists.

Today, Brooke Garwood Malik has a long clientele list that includes people from all walks of life, starting from well-known sports personalities to other eminent celebrities. She provides the best styling services in New York and Michigan.

While beginners consider her an ideal designer, she is also a source of inspiration to many, because of what she does.