Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Brooke Garwood Malik- Custom Clothier in Men's Styling!

Custom clothier Brooke Malik is in the men's fashion industry for long time and knows all the traditional and modern styling trends well enough to design the best suited clothes for any occasion.

She is one of the forefront fashion stylists, and this is why people can trust upon her for confident dressing.

She completed her graduation from Central Michigan University and did specialization in three fields- Marketing, Logistics and Advertising.
With her hard work, she got a lot of fame and today, she is the first-choice of many renowned personalities that includes show biz celebrities, sports stars, entrepreneurs and other dignitaries.

Other than styling, Brooke has also contributed in social services and helped people in need. She’s worked for numerous charity organizations such as CARE House of Oakland County, the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, and Cranbrook Schools etc.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Brooke Garwood Malik is known for her self-generated fashioning ideas

Brooke Garwood Malik, a well-respected name in the men's fashion industry, is counted in the list of intelligent and driven people as she proven by her work.

She did her graduation in Bachelors of Science in Business and Economics from Central Michigan University and resides in Birmingham and Michigan as well as New York City.

Custom clothier and stylist from Troy, she was approached by many high-profiled personalities including sports stars, businessmen, and celebrities.
Regular practitioner of Yoga & Pilate, Brooke Garwood Malik like to spend her free time with her family and friends. She has also taken part in charitable gatherings and made significant efforts in helping people.

CARE House of Oakland County, Cranbrook Schools, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit are the name of some charity organizations, she has contributed for.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Brooke Garwood Malik- A Fashion Stylist Who Has Raised the Bar of Competition

You can buy everything from accessories, footwear to designer clothes, but styling isn’t anything that you can don yourself. This is where you need professional fashion stylish.

Brooke Garwood Malik is a prominent name in men's fashion and styling. As a clothier she has twelve years of experience in wardrobe management.
She went to the Central Michigan University to peruse her education in marketing and advertising. She could leave her passion for fashion and styling, so moved her face toward the glamorous world of fashion.

With her strong efforts and determination, she has brought a lot of appreciation for her exclusivity of work.

With her knowledge and experience, Brooke has made variety of innovations to in the field of men's clothing and style in a different and appealing way.
She has worked for many high-profile personalities like celebrities, sports starts, eminent business personalities and other dignitaries.

Brooke has a soft heart, and is actively participated in charitable organizations like Cranbrook schools, CARE House of Oakland County.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Brooke Garwood Malik Knows Fashion

Brooke Garwood Malik is a revolutionist in men's clothing, and a graduate of Central Michigan University, where she attained her education in Bachelors of Science in Business and Economics. After completing her graduation, she inclined herself to custom clothing.
She has brought a drastic change in men's clothing and style, and has showed her expertise by working with many celebrities, people of high stature, eminent personalities, sports starts and other professional dignitaries as well.
In 2001, a renowned custom clothier Paul Cicchini employed her, and ever since she’s has been showing her expertise in men's styling.
Due to her specialization in Logistics, Marketing and Advertising, Ms.Malik has been able to over-sight the design and production of over 10,000 bench-crafted suits.
Malik is also interested in politics; and she is an enthusiast practitioner of Yoga as well. She loves to spend her free time with her family, friends and attending charitable gatherings.
Brooke is often seen at fundraising campaigns, for she is also an active member of many charitable organizations such as; The Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, CARE House of Oakland County, Cranbrook Schools.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Brooke Garwood Malik- A Revolutionist in Men's Clothing & Style

The major figure behind the revolutionary change in the men's fashion is none other than Brooke Garwood Malik, a prominent and challenging name in men's fashion styling.

Also popular as a custom clothier and stylist for men, the well-reputed fashion stylist has been working for many eminent personalities, world famous celebrities, and people of high stature, professional dignitaries, as well as sport stars.

The reward for her of sky-high name, popularity and appreciation goes to none other than herself.

It would not be wrong, if we address Ms. Malik as the most in demand fashionista and a magnetic personality in styling streets of Birmingham, Manhattan, and Michigan.

Graduated from Central Michigan University, Brooke Garwood Malik completed her study with triple specialization in Advertising, Logistics and Marketing.

Soft hearted Brooke is an active contributor in number of charity organizations like Care House of Oakland County, MOCAD- the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, and Cranbrook School to name a few.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Brooke Garwood Malik – A trend setter in men's fashion industry!

The brilliant fashionista, Brooke Garwood Malik has been a pioneer in bringing about a major change in men’s clothing.

The mostly male dominated industry has now become open minded, and many female fashion stylists have stepped-in as fresh talent in the world of men's fashion. It is not so easy for all female stylists to stand out among others, as it requires skills, confidence and a lot of patience.

But, Brooke has set her name as a true example of hard work to those who are thinking about joining this competitive industry.

Although, Brooke completed her studies in marketing, logistics, and advertising from Central Michigan University, but she could not hold out her passion for styling clothes and jumped into the glamorous world of fashion.

It is not easy to achieve success, but it’s even more difficult to maintain it. Brooke Garwood Malik knows very well how to maintain what she has achieved. This can be seen in how easily she has been controlling the fashion trends for men for such a long time.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Brooke Malik is a styling leader

Brooke Malik is a leader in the fashion business and has been in the industry long enough to understand the ups and downs of the trade. She has made it possible for the clients to discover a whole new arena of power dressing without having to spend oodles of money for the same.

Brooke completed her Bachelors in business and economics from the Central University of Michigan. Soon after that, she came to the styling industry and was interested in men's clothing. She has surprised her clients with different sorts of classy, understated and sought after looks each time, without costing them fortunes.

In her personal life, she lives a quiet and happy life with her friends and family. She is a staunch believer in Pilates and keeps fit with the help of the same. She also believes in eating raw food and this is what helps her in maintaining flawless skin and a healthy body.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Brooke Garwood Malik is a clothier par excellence

Ms. Brooke Garwood Malik is a clothing stylist for men. She is in the industry for a long time and knows all the novel trends of the current styling needs for men these days. Ms. Malik is a person you can trust for power dressing. She has been the style guru for many powerful clients including businessmen, celebrities and politicians.

Ms. Brooke Garwood Malik graduated from the Central Michigan University and ever since has been working in this endeavor for creating, comfortable, stylish and affordable high end clothing for men. On a personal level, she is a raw food activist, and believes in keeping fit and healthy.

She is also a yoga and Pilates enthusiast and works out every day to maintain glowing skin and a good figure. She has a heart of gold and works with a number of charitable institutions working for the betterment of people in need.