Monday, 4 February 2013

Brooke Garwood Malik taking the men’s fashion clothing to a next level

Brooke Garwood Malik is one name that needs no introduction, when you talk about men’s custom clothiers. As an exceptional student, she completed her education from Central Michigan University with specialization in advertising and marketing.

She has been working with Paul Cicchini (one of the top names in fashion industry) since 2001. The list of celebrities that Brooke has dressed includes people from the field of entertainment, sports world, and top level entrepreneurs.

Not only as a fashion diva but also as a celebrity, Brooke has always made the headlines for her appearances at political gatherings and fund raisers just like her father.

Ms Malik is also a regular follower of the sporting events and practices Pilates & Yoga to keep herself fit. She is also an active member of charitable organizations like Museum of Contemporary arts Detroit and CARE House of Oakland County and Oakland Schools to name some.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Brooke Garwood Malik- Rated As One Of The Most Desirable Fashionista

When it comes to Men's Styling, Brooke Garwood Malik is a name that comes to mind first. Although, she has specialization in Marketing, logistics, and advertising, but Brooke could not stop her passion for styling and dress designing. After, she finished her studies, Brooke jumped into the glamorous world of fashion and competition.
For her unique and outstanding work, Ms. Malik has earned an unsurpassed reputation in the field of men's fashion. Also known as custom clothier, Brooke has worked for most noticeable celebrities, business persons, as well as sports stars.
Whether it is a movie premiere, a film-promotion event, a press conference or any other event, Garwood knows very well how to give uniqueness & appropriateness to her client.
Apart from her work as a fashion stylist, Ms. Malik is a fitness enthusiast. To keep her fit & active, she daily practices Pilates and Yoga.