Thursday, 27 December 2012

Brooke Garwood Malik is a leader in the clothing business

The men's clothing business has seen a major shift in the past few years. Ms. Brooke Garwood Malik has been a pioneer for bringing about this shift. The industry was male dominated in the past, and has now become open-minded, and many ladies have come up as fresh talent in the men's clothing and styling.

She resides in Birmingham and operates her work from different bases, catering to the needs of her clients from different parts of the world. She has not only built a great career for herself in the styling business, but has also made a mark as a global entrepreneur. She holds the reputation for being one of the most sought after stylists for men and has helped in 'power dressing' many men to their glory. Besides work, she leads a successful life with family and friends. She is a practitioner of yoga and also believes in eating raw food for good health.

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